Ginkgo Leaf

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ginkgoGinkgo Biloba Leaf is from a tree that has survived intact for 200 million years. I’m glad it did because ginkgo has some wonderful properties. Ginkgo improves circulation to the head, thus helps to dry up sinus drainage. In addition, ginkgo can stop ear ringing (tinnitus), macular degeneration, cochlear deafness, and vertigo. Ginkgo can control coughing brought about by sinus drainage, too. In addition, Ginkgo interferes with a substance the body produces called platelet activation factor which is involved in conditions ranging from asthma attacks to blood clots. Ginkgo is a wonderful herb to help with some of the problems of aging such as memory loss, stroke, heart attack, leg pain and impotence from narrowed arteries. Most of the products you see on the market today are ginkgo concentrates or extracts.  The leaf is broken down and only those constituents deemed active are put into the extracts.  However, I believe the leaf is already a perfect component and by making an extract, we’re leaving something important out.  That’s why the product I recommend is a ground whole leaf, not an extract.

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