Gluten Intolerance

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wheat productsGLUTEN INTOLERANCE:  According to the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” three of the 4 blood types cannot tolerate gluten.  The most common source of gluten is wheat products (bread, crackers, croutons, pizza crust, cake, pies, cookies, tortillas, and so on).  It seems, too, that since we have been eating genetically modified wheat (GMO), the problem has become more widespread and severe.  Oh, you didn’t know you were eating GMO wheat?  You are, unless your wheat source is organically grown.  There are also unrecognizable sources of gluten, such as vanilla extract and many shampoos and skin care products.  Other grains also have some gluten in them.  You can see, if you are type O, B, or AB that you have been eating food that has been hurting you.  Your body has the ability to adapt.  As you get older, your ability to adapt to this food (that is more like poison than food to you) diminishes.  You start to have trouble.  Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, all of these can be symptoms of gluten intolerance.  You may even be diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Celiac or Sprue,  diseases caused by gluten intolerance. The gluten actually damages the inside of your colon so the only choice you have, if you want to regain your health, is to avoid all wheat and other grains that contain gluten.  Educate yourself so that you can truly protect your health and not be “accidentally” poisoned by eating something with hidden gluten.

Remember that your ability to absorb nutrients when your colon is under stress is limited.  You may be eating well and starving at the same time.  Once you’ve identified your problem, start adding nutritional supplements to your diet.  You need to catch up.  Look for the words “gluten free” or “wheat free” on your supplement label, too.

Here are some things you can do to help yourself.  If you have colon problems such as described above you will want to repopulate your colon with good bacteria, a probiotic.  This will also help regulate any bowel irregularities for you.

With the strain you’ve already put on your digestive system, we strongly recommend you follow the food guidelines in the bookEat Right 4 Your Type.  Eating the recommended healthy foods for your blood type will insure a quick recovery.

If you have diarrhea, you may find a “round” of Cats Claw and Sarsaparilla caps will stop the diarrhea.  See other suggestions under the heading “Diarrhea.”  Cats claw by itself is very healing for a damaged colon.

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