Glyconutrients – Sugars that Heal

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sugar bookGlyconutrients are complex sugars that help your body work perfectly.  There are 8 essential glyconutrients that must be obtained from food or outside sources.  This product contains all 8 essential sugars – sugars that heal.  My own experience with glyconutrients was when I had my teeth pulled.  I bled a lot and was so weak from lack of blood that all I could do was move from one chair to another, then rest up before I moved again.  I was like this for 6 weeks–I knew it was a slow process to rebuild blood.  It was Christmas and a friend gave me some glyconutrients as a gift.  She had been talking about them and was very excited about what they could do.  I started taking them and a week later I was out in the yard pruning my fruit trees; and I wasn’t tired.  That’s what these sugars do.  They go where your body needs them and do their work.  I’ve been a fan ever since.

Mickey Thienes

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