Goldenseal Root

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goldensealGoldenseal is a good antibiotic but the characteristic that sets it off from other herbs is the fact that it is an excellent hemostat, it can control or stop bleeding internally such as from excessive menstrual flow, ulcers and other internal bleeding conditions.  In addition, Goldenseal is a source of natural insulin precursor, which could aid a person with diabetes. As an antibiotic, it is especially effective where infection and bleeding are occurring such as with infected gums. It is effective with infectious diarrhea and even cholera.  An herb with very similar properties is Oregon Grape Root. With some herbs, you will see the whole plant used. Goldenseal is an example as both the leaf and root have similar properties. The root of any plant will always have the strongest properties as compared to the leaf or stem. When you buy goldenseal “herb,” you are buying the above ground plant.  Look for goldenseal “root” for the strongest herb.

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