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letting goGRIEF can be from the breakup of a marriage, the loss of a spouse or child, or the loss of a beloved pet.  There is no magic herb to make grief go away but there are herbs that can help you through the process.  With grief, you may have pain, heartache, sleeplessness and loss of appetite.  The will to exist is at an all time low and so is your immune system.   B Stress Vitamins will ease many of these symptoms.   Your immunity is suppressed so supplement with Astragalus caps.  I can’t tell you how to get through your grief; there are professional people trained in this field and hopefully you have a support group of family and friends.  You can help yourself gently, with herbs as outlined above.   Here is a good homeopathic remedy that helps with grief.  The great thing about homeopathic is that there are no side effects, people of all ages can use it, and it can be used alongside other medications.

Mickey Thienes

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Discover the hidden secrets nature has to offer. For over 25 years, I have been teaching people how to use natural herbs to make homeopathic remedies, tonics, elixirs, tinctures, formulas and secret recipes to relieve the symptoms of common ailments, protect your health and live a vibrant healthy life. – Mickey Ann Thienes