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migrastickA migraine is the worst headache you’ve ever experienced; the headache from hell.  It is characterized by sharp, pounding pain, usually on one side of the head.  Your vision may be blurred and you may be nauseous.  Many people retire to a darkened bedroom and will take the strongest pain reliever they can; many end up in the emergency room because the pain is so bad.  Studies indicate several possible causes so let’s talk about each.

It seems more women than men get migraines and one of the possible causes is the changing monthly hormone cycle.  If this is the case for you, the answer is feverfew.  I can vouch that taken daily, except during your period, feverfew will lessen and eventually prevent a hormone related migraine.  There may be other factors, also, so read on.

Food allergies are also considered a culprit.  They start a cycle of changes to the blood that eventually leads to a migraine.  You may not even be aware of your food allergies because they may not cause other symptoms.  You can keep a daily food log and note when you get a migraine.  Check the food you ate the previous 8 hours.  If  a few items appear over and over, they are the likely villains.  Eliminate them.  If you want a guideline to go by, the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”  will give you a list of the most likely allergens in the “avoid” group of foods.  It is based on your blood type.

Stress is also considered a factor.  Who doesn’t have stress?  There can be so many reasons for it so it’s up to you to figure out your stressors.   There’s help in the meantime.  Stress burns up B vitamins and B Stress Vitamins can help replace them.  Don’t worry about taking too much of these high dose vitamins.  B vitamins are water soluble and most do not build up in your body.

Finally, there’s Migrastick.  We demonstrated this roll-on many times in the store to customers who were relieved to see their headache go away.  The little roll-on contains essential oils of peppermint and lavender and is a great pain reliever when rubbed on your temples. Feel the back of your neck with a finger. If one or both of your neck muscles feels knotted, put a dab there, too.

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