Healing Baths

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bath saltSpecial baths can induce sweating and promote elimination of toxins from your body.  I remember many years ago I came in from mowing the yard and my face was beet red and I only had a tiny line of sweat at my hairline.  This didn’t seem right because it was a hot day and beet red wasn’t my color.  It meant I wasn’t sweating enough to cool my body.  I wasn’t sweating because my skin was “plugged” up… from toxins.  Doing my research reminded me of the value of saunas, Turkish baths, and sweat lodges.  All designed to promote sweating to eliminate toxins.  This form of natural therapy has gone out of style–but not the wisdom behind it.  I figured out two baths I could do at home.  And yes, after the third or fourth bath, I could finally mow and sweat, and stay cool because I was sweating.

Salt Water Bath:  Use a pound of table salt (50 cents), Epsom salts,  Himalayan bath salts, or your favorite bath salts.  Use a lot of it.  The saltier the water, the more drawing power it has.  The salt draws toxins from the skin, much like it draws moisture out of cucumbers when you salt them for pickles.   Fill your tub as high as you can with water as hot as you can stand.  Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse and dry off.  The salt draws toxins, the hot water may help you to sweat.  You might want to replace the water you’ve lost with a couple glasses of good water.  By the way, this doesn’t dry the skin.

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Ginger Bath:  This is like bathing in muddy water but it sure is effective.   Ground Ginger Root is a hot spice and the point in bathing in it is that it brings your blood to the surface of your skin, which is a cleansing action for your skin.  Use 1/4 cup ground ginger, fill the tub with hot water, soak 20 minutes.  When you rinse and dry off, you should notice you skin has a rosy glow all over.  By the way; ginger is hot so I wouldn’t use more than 1/4 cup.   It can be a little too warming in your delicate genital area.

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