Heavy Metal Detox

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heavy metalHEAVY METAL EXPOSURE:  You can have heavy metals in your body from old lead paint, exposure to X-Rays and other radiation, old silver fillings in your teeth, and from chemical exposure.  There are supplements that can help rid your body of heavy metals.  Kelp capsules.  Make kelp a daily supplement.  It’s good for your thyroid, too.  Garlic capsules or fresh garlic.  Apple pectin capsules or you can make your own apple pectin.  Last but no least, Chlorella, a blue green algae that binds certain heavy metals quickly.  You can do a heavy metal detox, or you can make one or more of these herbs part of a daily routine; I prefer the latter choice because of frequent exposure to heavy metal.  How easy is it to get mercury?  Very.  If you’re old enough to remember mercury thermometers, you’ll remember how much fun it was to “play” with the spilled mercury.  It shined dimes to a treat and would roll around like steel shot.  But it always disappeared.  That’s because mercury vaporizes easily; once in the air, it can be inhaled.  Mercury polluted rivers and some smelting facilities put mercury into the air.  So, everyone can be exposed to mercury on a regular basis.  If you want to know for sure, there is a test kit for hair.

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