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ring pillowHemorrhoids are distended veins in the lining of the anus.  These can also protrude from the anus causing swelling and intense pain.  To treat hemorrhoids, add fiber to your diet with Psyllium Seed or Fenugreek Seed capsules and lots of water.  The hemorrhoids can be caused by constipation and frequent straining from a hard, dry bowel movement; the fibers suggested provide a moist bulk that makes your bowel movements easier.  For constipation, useCascara Sagrada capsules, a very gentle natural laxative that also helps to tone the colon.  An herbal blend for varicose veins will help to relieve inflammation in the veins and to stop bleeding.  Soothing topical applications of Witch Hazel, or a sits bath of warm water to which you’ve added a few drops of essential oil of Cypress.

To prevent hemorrhoids, change your diet.  If you have soft, bulky, regular bowel movements, you will not get hemorrhoids.  For most people, a change of diet means adding more good fiber as suggested above, drinking more water, avoiding refined white flour, milk products, and sugar and other changes specific to your blood type.  See the book,Eat Right 4 Your Type for details about what foods are just right for you.  While you’re sitting around waiting you may as well sit in comfort.

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