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vinegarA hernia occurs when a body part or organ pushes through muscle or connective tissue into an area it’s not supposed to be in.  It could be a weakness in the retaining muscle or tissue, or it could be a tear that allows the organ to slip through.  It is usually aggravated by muscle strain such as bending over and picking up something heavy.  Ouch, to say the least.  The pain can take your breath away and will continue until you push the organ back into place.  What to do?  Here’s an old fashioned remedy that I’ve seen works in some cases.  Tear brown paper into strips (such as a paper bag); soak in vinegar and apply to the skin over the hernia.  Cover with plastic wrap and wrap in flannel.  I’m not sure how long to leave it in place but if you can put it on at night and sleep with it, do so.  There is a supplement that may help, too. That is MSM, a soluble sulfur nutrient.  It strengthens connective tissue and may help to repair this hernia.

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