Hot Flash Rescue

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hot flashHot Flash Rescue is a tested and true remedy for hot flashes and menopause relief.  In our store, we kept a sample spray bottle handy so customers could try it out.  Surprisingly, we had a lot of women who needed it (of all ages, by the way).  During a hot flash, we would spritz their neck.  In about 20 seconds, they would get a surprised look on their face, grab a bottle off the shelf and buy one immediately.  This natural blend of herbs and botanical works.

Mickey Thienes

About Mickey Thienes

Discover the hidden secrets nature has to offer. For over 25 years, I have been teaching people how to use natural herbs to make homeopathic remedies, tonics, elixirs, tinctures, formulas and secret recipes to relieve the symptoms of common ailments, protect your health and live a vibrant healthy life. – Mickey Ann Thienes