Hypoglycemia – Low Blood Sugar

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dizzyHypoglycemia is low blood sugar and is as potentially dangerous as high blood sugar; it can lead to diabetes in the future. When your blood sugar drops, you might notice several symptoms. This happens to me if I’m not careful and I’ll get dizzy followed by a wave of nausea. It will pass but if I don’t eat something, it will happen again. If it happens three times (for me), then I feel like I have the flu and it takes several days to get over it. Dizziness, nausea and certainly foggy thinking are all part of it. The usual way this starts is with an intake of sugar and white flour. Doesn’t sound like anything you recognize? Well, let’s call it a doughnut, sweet roll or apple turnover; probably your breakfast with coffee or a Coke. You’ve just flooded your body with sugar and meaningless carbs that break down to sugar rapidly so your body pumps a lot of insulin to control it. This insulin rush is capable of handling this excess sugar as an emergency but will drive your blood sugar down to a low point. Your body is used to handling blood sugar at a steady, even pace, not as an emergency. You may actually do this for years without noticing any problems but they are there and soon, you won’t get over it.

Eating highly refined foods that have no nutrition and eating sugar in any form is the cause. That’s anything made with white flour, white bread, sugary desserts and many sweetened cereals. Eating whole foods is both prevention and cure for hypoglycemia. Oatmeal is a better breakfast than Fruit Loops; whole wheat bread a better bread than white for your tuna sandwich; don’t even think about macaroni and cheese for dinner; spaghetti made with whole wheat pasta is a better choice. Add a green salad and you have whole food; if you insist on garlic toast, make it with whole grain rolls. You can do it.

While you are adjusting your diet, hopefully, you may want to take a supplement called GTF Chromium. GTF stands for glucose tolerance factor and this chromium, which helps regulate blood sugar, is easily absorbed.

Here are some other supplements you might want to consider.
Bitter Melon, Glymnema Sylvestre and Cinnamon has been used by many diabetics to help balance and control blood sugar.

fiber is also very helpful as it slows down the conversion of food to sugar.

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