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peppermint teaINDIGESTION:  If this is an occasional problem, you will find the traditional after dinner mint or a cup of peppermint tea will solve the problem.  If it’s a chronic problem, let’s get down to business and find out why.  Digestion starts in your mouth so the longer you chew your food, the easier to digest it is.  You are not only mixing digestive saliva with your food but also are breaking it down into easier to assimilate pieces.  Spend a little more time with the food in your mouth and enjoy chewing.

Once in your stomach, other digestive juices work to break down the food even further.  If your digestion is compromised at this point, serious indigestion can occur.  If the food doesn’t break down, it stays in your stomach.  It will actually start to ferment and bubble and boil (acid reflux).  Most cases of acid reflux occur not from too much stomach acid but from too little digestion.  You will know quickly if this is your problem if you take a digestive enzyme with meals.  The digestive enzyme helps to break down your food; the food quickly leaves your stomach and nutrients are easily absorbed in your colon.

If you still have problems, then you have to change what you’re eating.  The book Eat Right 4 Your Type will list the foods that are good for you and also the foods that are bad for you, literally affecting you like poison.  Eliminate the bad foods and your indigestion will go away.  What about that gas you get when you eat beans? I love beans and sometimes I would get gas and sometimes I wouldn’t.  When I first read the “Eat Right…” book I learned why I sometimes got gas from beans.  The beans I was supposed to avoid were the ones that made me miserable.  I now can eat lots of beans and not a toot in them.

While you’re solving your problems with indigestion, a supplement may help you a lot.  Activated Charcoal capsule taken at the first sign of discomfort will quickly stop gas, bloating and acid burning and bind these toxins and remove them from your body.

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