Kelp – Seaweed

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kelpKelp is seaweed and is loaded with minerals, especially iodine. Our diets are iodine poor because iodine is not available in our food supply. You need iodine for normal thyroid function and we cannot get it from our food so supplementing with an iodine rich sea vegetable such as kelp is extremely important to you. Iodine is essential for the proper regulation of energy through its effect on metabolism. Thyroxine, the major thyroid hormone, aids in protein synthesis, carbohydrate absorption and the conversion of carotin to Vitamin A. Kelp not only absorbs iodine from seawater, it also sponges up an enormous supply of essential nutrients and delivers them to the thyroid and the rest of the body. These nutrients include protein, essential fatty acid, carbohydrates, fiber, trace elements, sodium and potassium salts, and a variety of other chemicals, such as alginic acid. Additionally, the trace mineral content of Kelp is among the highest of any known single source.

Iodine in Kelp also helps to maintain a healthy thyroid, thereby significantly reducing one major possible cause of obesity. In addition, seaweed increases the body’s ability to burn off fat through exercise. Thus, stamina is boosted, allowing cells to consume energy more efficiently. Kelp has also been shown to support the lowering of blood cholesterol levels. If you drink or cook with tap or bottle water that contains Chlorine, then you are lacking Iodine. Chlorine binds with Iodine and renders it useless to the body. Without Iodine, your thyroid cannot function properly.  If you use a fluoride toothpaste or use tap water that has been fluorodated, the same thing happens.  Fluoride binds iodine and renders it useless to your body.

What are the symptoms of low thyroid function? There are lots of them, here are the most obvious; dry hair, cold hands and feet, low body temperature (normal is 98.6 degrees), low energy, hormone imbalance and mood swings. What we see most often as an indicator of low thyroid function is the start of a goiter. This looks like a “fat neck” in everyday terms. The thyroid, which sits on each side of your wind pipe in your neck, swells when it doesn’t get enough iodine. This swelling may also cause difficulty swallowing. Take kelp, watch your neck get thinner, feel better, have more energy and be in a great mood.

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