Kidney or Bladder Infection

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A kidney infection isn’t always noticeable except as lower back tenderness or reduced urine output; other signs might be urine odor, darker urine, and puffiness under the eyes. Your urine may have a brownish tinge; dried blood coming from the kidneys and not the bladder.  One other characteristic is fatigue.  Here’s what’s happening.  The kidneys are filters and can get plugged so they don’t filter (water retention and puffy eyes); the retained urine and toxins can set up inflammation and infection in the kidneys which can cause the other symptoms mentioned.  The fatigue is from retained urine and toxins.  At night your kidneys work even slower so when you get up in the morning you are more tired than when you went to bed.

With a bladder infection you usually have burning pain and may have fresh blood in your urine especially if the bladder itself is injured or infected; this is called cystitis.  Your bladder doesn’t want to hold infected urine so you urinate frequently even when your bladder is not full and you may leak or spray urine when you sneeze or cough.  There also may be frequent trips to the bathroom at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Here’s what you can do.  For infection, an herbal antibiotic is Echinacea, well tolerated by most people.  Cranberry really is good for a kidney or bladder infection because it stops the bacteria from reproducing.  If you prefer a juice, get pure cranberry not one sweetened with another fruit juice.  Sugar is like gasoline on a fire when there is a bacterial infection.  Your kidneys are probably plugged up (remember they’re filters) so either Yucca or Devil’s Claw will help to dissolve any buildup there.  Slippery Elm will put a soothing coating in your bladder and help to stop the burning.  If you don’t use chemicals on your lawn, you might have a natural remedy growing in your yard; one you can use instead of slippery elm.  Chickweed.  If you’re not allergic to it, pull some, wash it well, simmer for a few minutes in water and eat it. You can also use Chickweed capsules.  Watermelon seed tea is also a natural remedy for bloody urine. Click Here to Search

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