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cleanseLIVER:   You only have one liver and it’s responsible for filtering your blood and cleaning it of toxins.  Of course, it does other important things but its role as a major filter is vital to your health.  What happens when it gets overloaded and can’t effectively clean your blood anymore?  I believe this is when “liver spots” start showing up.  I’ve acquired a few over the years and I’ve noticed that they are always next to a vein or artery.  I’ve also noticed when I was dealing with a major tooth infection that a brown spot formed on my cheek at the site of the infection.  With enough regular cleansing, the brown spots go away; they dry up and peel off.

Your liver can get overloaded and brown spots can start showing up especially if you’ve waited as long as I did before starting the important ritual of cleansing.   We are exposed to toxins in the air, in our cleaning supplies, in our clothing, in carpeting, in our food.  We absorb so many toxins today compared to what our grandparents faced.  We have to cleanse so that we don’t get overloaded with toxins.  If we get overloaded, we will suffer ill health.  Check out this overall cleanse that does it all, liver, colon, kidneys and more.  This cleanse has a really good combination of herbs.  Don’t forget, any time you do a cleansing procedure, drink lots of clean water.  You will be flushing toxins so you want to dilute them and escort them out of your body as quickly as possible.  Other herbs good for your liver include Milk Thistle Seed.

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