Lymph Cleanser

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LYMPH CLEANSER:  Your lymph nodes cleanse toxins from your blood.  If you are ill or have a build up of toxins in your body, you may notice swelling in your lymph nodes.  They are all over your body but most people notice the ones under the jaw line, around the knees or in the arm pits.  Devils Claw Tuber helps your body dissolve any mineral build ups that may be causing blockage in your lymph nodes.  Swollen lymph nodes can be caused by infection.  For example, if you have tonsillitis, the lymph glands under your jaw may swell.  Similarly, if you have an injury or surgery, lymph glands near the area may get “plugged” up and cause painful swelling.  Using Devil’s Claw Tuber to keep these nodes functioning will help speed the recovery process.


Lymph nodes are all over your body, from head to foot

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