Magnetic Copper Bracelet

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copper braceletWhat do magnets and copper have to do with you?  How about pain relief and relief from arthritis.  My experience with a magnetic copper bracelet was many years ago.  I had bought a bracelet to test it as we do with all products before we bring them into the store.  It sat on the kitchen counter at home for weeks because I didn’t have pain anywhere.  I lifted a 40 lb. water bottle and later developed a nagging pain under my shoulder blade.  I tried all my usual solutions for pain,  solutions that usually worked.  None did.  Then I remembered the bracelet and dusted it off and put it on.  I could actually feel the pain diminish minute by minute until I was pain free.  That sold me and in fact showed me how to demonstrate it to our customers.  I would let them put a bracelet on in the store and tell them to wear it for five minutes.  Most of them would buy the bracelet as there was definitely pain relief from the magnetic copper bracelet. A plain copper bracelet also works, though not as dramatically.

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