Menstrual Flow – Heavy

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plantainMENSTRUAL FLOW-HEAVY:  If you are producing an excess of estrogen (or getting it in your diet), you may have heavy, cramping menstrual periods.  It is excess estrogen that causes this problem and it is serious enough to pay attention now.  Besides the monthly cycle of pain from cramping, this can lead to endometriosis with lot more serious consequences including sterility.  If you’ll read what we’ve talked about in “Menopause” and apply it now, this will help a great deal because it works to balance your body even with hormone swings.  Also, there is an herb that helps your body balance its estrogen production, and that is Dong Quai, available as a capsule.  During a heavy cycle, you can take goldenseal root caps; goldenseal acts like a hemostat to reduce bleeding.  Plantain, the leaf of the plant we also know as psyllium, also has some hemostat qualities.

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