Milk Thistle

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milk thistleMilk Thistle is a plant that has a long, safe history of use in liver ailments because it helps to detoxify the liver and promote regeneration. Its stimulating effect also helps the gall bladder to function better. Its traditional use is in such liver ailments as hepatitis and cirrhosis, but any liver problem (sometimes showing up as digestive problems), can benefit from this herb as it seems to help restore liver function.  It’s a protectant for the liver, too, because of its antioxidant properties. If drugs or alcohol are being used, it can help protect the liver from damage. This herb is usually found as an “extract” with a guaranteed potency. The standard for Milk Thistle is 80 percent silybum. Milk thistle is an easily grown annual plant, but it is quite stickery.  Sow seeds in early spring and harvest flower stalks about 2 weeks after flowering.  The seeds are harvested by thrashing the plant heads.  You can crush the seeds and make a tea.

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