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multi mineralYou need minerals; without them, vitamins don’t work.  You may be taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement but there may be times when additional mineral supplementation is advisable.  For example, if you are diabetic, you may want to supplement with GTF Chromium (Glucose Tolerance Factor) which supports healthy blood sugar levels.  You may be taking zinc to help your bleeding gums (or a zinc mouthwash); zinc can eventually deplete the copper in your body so while you’re on zinc, you may want to do copper.   If your heart occasionally flutters or goes “thump,” you may want extra magnesium.  If you are taking prescription medication, you should check the list of side effects and depletion as many medications deplete important nutrients.  Your pharmacist can print off a list of side effects for your medications.   Most nutritionists believe the RDA allowance is too low for most vitamins and minerals.  New research is constantly suggesting larger amounts but the RDA does not change.  Take the time to research your own situation because you may need mineral supplementation.  By the way, my favorite multi-mineral is kelp, a sea vegetable. My next choice is bio-citrate minerals.

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