Miracle II Soap

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I’ve been using Miracle  II soap for over 10 years; it’s been around a lot longer than that.  It is the only soap I use for bathing, shampooing, cleaning, and laundry.  What makes this soap so special?  I’m chemically sensitive and this soap does not bother me.  It cleans beautifully, cutting oils and drawing out dirt and impurities.  If I forget a load of laundry in the washer, I can put it in the dryer even after 2 or 3 days; it’s never soured or gotten moldy (unlike with other laundry products).  It washes the car perfectly, cutting through dirt and oils; the chrome shines like brand new.  If you have normal to oily hair, you might love this soap as a shampoo as it cuts right through the oils leaving your hair with more bounce.   If you bathe with the soap, it will not leave soap stains on tub or shower wall.  A little Miracle II soap in a spray bottle with white vinegar and water is used for cleaning windows, mirrors, showers, counter tops, floors–everything.

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