Sulfur – MSM – A sulfur product

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msmMSM is the only biologically available sulfur supplement and one we all need.  Its benefits are that it strengthens tendons, ligaments and connective tissue in our bodies.  Tendons and ligaments firmly attach our muscles, and connective tissue keeps everything in place inside your body.  If you have a tendency to slip a disk, if you pull a tendon, if you dislocate a joint, using MSM can not only speed recovery but also prevent future problems.  My experience with MSM was when I dislocated my shoulder.  I elected to let my shoulder pop back in when it was ready, figuring the muscles would be stronger for it.  Well, it did pop back in but I still had a nagging pain in my shoulder and still had trouble pulling a sweater off over my head.  Then I did some research and found MSM.  I started taking it and within 24 hours the pain was gone and over the next few days of taking it, I was stronger and able to pull even a tough cotton turtleneck off over my head.  Our natural diets are not rich in sulfur so this supplement is needed to keep your body strong.  Note:  People allergic to sulfa drugs may not be able to use this supplement.  If you have this allergy, test it carefully.

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