Nettle Leaf

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NettleNettle Leaf is high in vitamin C and is a mineral rich herb; the young plant is eaten in many parts of the world for its nutrient properties and as a spring tonic. It is astringent, making it helpful for allergies, diarrhea, cystitis and kidney infections. It has an alkalizing effect on your body which helps in any over acid situation. “Wild greens” such as nettle, plantain, dandelion and many others are rich sources of minerals, especially those that have a salty taste, such as nettle, because the minerals are in the form of mineral salts.  Also called stinging nettle, the plant has a nasty habit of blistering the skin.  Although there are some varieties that don’t sting, most do.  The sting is deactivated when the plant is cooked or dried.  It is such a nutrient rich herb that I would include it in food that I made for the dog and for a warm winter mash for my laying hens.  It is the exclusive diet of the Peacock butterfly in the wild.

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