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vegetable gardenORGANIC:  I frequently use the term organically grown so I thought I would explain it.  Naturally, all food is organic, but this special term applies to food that is grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer either on the ground, on the plant, in the water, or in the manufacturing or packaging process.  Organically grown food is grown the old fashioned way and it is scientifically proven to be more nutritious by as much as 60% over commercially grown produce.  Even the Department of Agriculture agrees with these statistics.  So, with organic food, you are not only assured of chemical free food but also that it is of the highest quality.  You may spend slightly more for organic, but you are getting 60% more for your money.  Sounds like a good return and the investment is in your health.

Mega farming doesn’t farm the land, they mine it, growing crops until all the natural nutrients of the soil are depleted.  Instead of replacing these nutrients with organic matter, artificial chemical fertilizers are used.  But only three nutrients are used.  Know why?  Because only three nutrients are needed to grow large, heavy crops.  Farmers sell and we buy by the pound.  We pay for weight, not nutrition.

If you want nutrition in your food, buy organic.  Organically grown food is available most commonly through health food stores but also through food cooperatives and many web sites.  A simple inquiry for “organic food” will give you many sites to visit.  There is a national certification program governing organic food that also includes on site inspections for quality assurance.  If you want the best quality food, ask your local food store to carry some organic products.  Then buy them.  The more you demand and use quality food, the better supply we will have.

The latest attack on our food supply is GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).  Organic food is your only guarantee that you are not eating GMO food.  You don’t have the right to know you’re eating GMO food because the government was afraid if food was labeled GMO, people wouldn’t buy it.  Yes, GMO wheat products have been in your grocer’s for 15 years, now.  That’s bread, tortillas, cookies, cakes, biscuits, pizza crust—Have I named something you’ve eaten recently?  I believe GMO wheat is responsible for the rise in the diagnosis of gluten intolerance in people.  10 years ago, this was a fairly rare diagnosis; now it is not.  The government isn’t protecting you with accurately labeled food (such as GMO), so look out for yourself.  Buy organic.

Last but not least, if you have a garden, stop using chemicals on it and go back to the way food was grown; organically.

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