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advacalOSTEOPOROSIS:  This is a big subject since it affects everyone.  That’s right; men and women are now suffering from osteoporosis.  We’re seeing stress fractures and more broken bones from young, male athletes.   What can be affecting both men and women?  It was thought that estrogen might play a role in osteoporosis since this seemed to be a woman’s disease; bit it’s not.   We’re back to nutrition again.  Our food makes our body PH so acidic that our bodies have to use calcium to alkalize the condition so we don’t die. If we don’t get enough natural calcium from our food and supplements, it’s taken from our bones.

The best thing you can do to prevent osteoporosis is to “Eat Right 4 Your (blood) Type because the foods listed as good for you are the ones most likely to give your body the proper acid/alkaline balance.  This book is a valuable health book for you and your family.  We have an easy to use kit to test your pH.  This is the quickest way to check if you are over acid and the quickest way to see when changes you make are effective.  I also recommend coral calcium as a readily absorbed, mineral rich form of calcium. A good available supply of calcium in your body will help to ensure it’s not taken from your bones.  Do take your calcium with a meal.  There is one product clinically proven to rebuild bone and that is Advacal.  I use both Advacal and coral calcium.

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