Oxygen Supplement by Aquagen

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Yes there is such a thing as an oxygen supplement.  Aquagen’s liquid oxygen supplement lets you add a few drops to water, then drink it.  Take a deep breath and you can feel the difference; more oxygen in your body.  It’s a sad fact that there is less oxygen in the air today than 25 years ago.  Where does oxygen come from?  Why from green plants, everything from trees to algae to that philodendron in your office.  The massive deforestation that has occurred all over the world has vastly reduced the oxygen producing green plants.  Thus, less oxygen.  There  is also an increase in respiratory ailment:  Asthma, bronchitis, and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder).  The common cold and the flu are also times when you can use this product.  Try it.  Use it daily or as needed.  Oh, and invite a few house plants to come live with you.  They’re your own oxygen factories.

Mickey Thienes

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