Passion Flower

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passionflowerPassion flower has pain relieving and sedative properties and has long been used to help relieve nervousness, unrest, exhaustion and insomnia.  It has some antispasmodic properties, too, making it useful in helping to control minor muscle spasms such as tics.  It can help provide rest and relief in many cases such as shingles, Parkinson’s disease and neuralgia.  The vine itself is easy to grow and has a lovely purple flower and edible tropical tasting fruit late summer into fall.  My Mom had passion flower in her garden in Arizona.  I garden in zone 6 (a lot more rain than Arizona).  Around here, it’s called Maypop because when it warms up in May, passion flower literally pops out of the ground.  I planted one as a reminder of Mom’s garden.  Sure enough it died down over winter and next May popped up–in about 25 places.  I finally had to invite it to leave my yard as it was trying to take over.  So, take the capsule, enjoy looking at a picture of passion flower and, if you’re a hardy gardener, plant one.

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