pH Test – Acid / Alkaline

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ph stripsIf you read any books about healthy living you will probably know how important it is to maintain the proper acid/alkaline balance for your body.  This acid/alkaline condition is call pH.  We offer an easy to use saliva (or urine) pH test strip that will tell you your pH.  A very low pH means you are overly acid; a very high pH means you are very alkaline.  If you are overly acid, your body will borrow calcium from your bones to help alkalize itself; that’s osteoporosis.  Other serious disease will follow.  With our national diet of highly refined foods, the general population is highly acidic.

You can’t tell by taste what is acidic to your body.  Vinegar and lemon juice, for example, are obviously acidic.  Yet their effect on your body is alkalizing.  Whipped cream is sweet and mild, yet it is acidifying.  Go figure.

If you want to ensure your health, test your pH and, if necessary, alkalize your body.  We also offer alkalizing drops that will help to raise your pH to a healthier level, and a book that will list what foods are alkalizing and which are acid forming.

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