Pin Hole Glasses – Improved Vision

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Pinhole Glasses really do improve your vision, immediately.  The glasses are solid lenses (opaque) with hundreds of tiny pin holes in them.  It is based on the theory that if you reduce the amount of distortion the eyes are looking at, you can see better.  Sure enough, it works and combined with the eye exercises they recommend, you can dramatically improve your vision.  The exercises strengthen the muscles around the eyeball and actually change the shape of the eye and the eye lens. I didn’t think much about eye exercises because they are rather boring.  But then I started working with a computer program that required that I track two separate columns left to right and right to left.  I don’t wear glasses when working on the computer so I was exercising my eyes, not my corrected vision.  It wasn’t long before I quit putting my glasses back on; in fact I haven’t worn them in over 3 years.  I can’t see out of them anyway, my own vision has changed so much. So here’s a little something you can do for yourself to improve your vision.  Try the glasses, do the exercises, and the next time you leave your glasses on the counter, maybe you won’t notice it.

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