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pleurisy rootPLEURISY:  The lining around your lungs is a thin membrane called the pleura.  When this becomes inflamed (usually in association with a lung infection), you have pleurisy.  This inflamed lining makes breathing very painful.  You may be on an antibiotic for the lung infection, such as pneumonia, but there are herbs that can help, too.  Turmeric Root  is a powerful antioxidant (cleans up bad stuff) and has equally powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Slippery Elm is soothing and lubricating to soft tissue.  Other herbs, such as Echinacea Root will help for its antibiotic properties.  By the way, if you are on a prescription antibiotic, be sure to do a probiotic to replace the beneficial bacteria the antibiotic kills.  That beneficial bacteria controls fungal overgrowth and contributes to your immunity.  Pleurisy root, an old fashioned herbal, is noted for its strong anti-inflammatory properties for the respiratory system.

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