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pmsToo little estrogen can be the start of menopause and the start of many uncomfortable symptoms.  Since traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has proven deadly, more women are interested in finding a natural way solve this problem.  Is there a natural way?  Yes.  If you think about it, menopause is a natural conclusion to your child bearing years.  You weren’t meant to suffer when you went through menopause and you weren’t meant to make everyone around you suffer (PMS).  So what have we done to ourselves that menopause is now a major, dreaded ordeal?  We’ve messed up our bodies with chemicals.  Our bodies can’t sail through menopause like we’re supposed to because they are not functioning properly. If your thyroid was functioning properly, it would balance your hormones naturally.  That’s its job.  Your thyroid may not be working properly.  It needs iodine to work and iodine is not in our food chain.  Also, the common chemicals chlorine and fluoride (tap water and toothpaste) bind the iodine so our bodies can’t use it.

If you have low estrogen you can supplement your estrogen with estrogenic herbs such as Fennel Seedcapsules.  Plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) closely match human estrogen and do not carry the risks associated with HRT.   Take  Kelp caps or iodine for your thyroid; your thyroid is an important hormone balancer.  I’m also a believer in ginger.  Soy products are also estrogenic and there are many ways to use tofu.  It is interesting that the Japanese, for example, don’t even have a word for menopause and their daily diets include seaweed (kelp), ginger and tofu.

When I was going through the “change,” I used kelp and ginger and had started using soy products.  The most discomfort I had was an occasional warm flash and an occasional fennel cap put a stop to that.  That made me realize that menopause was not supposed to be an ordeal, and that a well nourished and balanced body did not have serious problems during this time.  Let that be your goal.

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