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horehound This infection can be scary because you can be fine one minute and gasping for breath the next and you may or may not have a fever.  This serious infection is best treated by a doctor but if you are unable to seek medical treatment, here are some things that may help.  With pneumonia, your lungs are inflamed and they will become congested, filling with fluid.  Naturade’s Herbal Expectorant  opens breathing passages and helps to expel congestion.  So does horehound.

Pneumonia is an infection, so take infection fighting herbs such as Echinacea, Garlic, Goldenseal, or Pau D’arco.  If you have fever,  White Willow Bark capsules will help to control it.  Pain while breathing may be pleurisy.  See our recommendations under that heading.

Stay in bed and rest.  Pneumonia is debilitating not only because of a bacteria or virus but also because it robs your body of oxygen.  The energy you use to sit up and watch TV is needed by your body to fight this infection.  It’s also good advice to get plenty of clean water (bottled) and fresh air.  Fresh air is found outside, hopefully.  Wrap a blanket around you (if it’s cool), grab a bottle of water, and spend some of your rest time outside getting fresh air and sunshine when you are able.  Sleep as much as you can.  That saves energy for healing.

TLC (Tender Loving Care) used to be the word associated with nurses and if there’s one condition that needs it, it’s pneumonia.  If you’re the caretaker, apply it liberally.  Prepare several meals and snacks throughout the day and serve them in bed.  Use a damp mop or cloth and wipe down the bedroom to capture any dust.  If it’s warm enough, open a window for fresh air or put a small fan in the bedroom to keep the air circulating.  Generous doses of TLC go a long way towards the cure.

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