Poison Ivy-Oak-Sumac

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poison ivyIf you’ve ever had poison ivy, oak, or even sumac, you know how relentless and maddening the burning, itching and blistering can be.  If you’ve had a little exposure, you get a little itch; a big exposure makes for a really big itch.  I’ve been there for the big one and had both arms covered with blisters so bad I had to wear long sleeved shirts in 100 degree weather.  So, here’s what you do. Poison Ivy Oak is a homeopathic remedy that helps to stop the discomfort and is safe for children.  There are no side effects and, taken internally, can help with those cases where the toxic substances have been inhaled.  If you want something that works externally, click on the link below for my special aloe based recipe for this.  I strongly urge you to do both things as they do not interfere with each other and will provide fast relief.

Click here for my special aloe poison ivy recipe

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