Prostate Enlargement

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prosta healthProstate enlargement comes to all men of all ages throughout their life.  It doesn’t necessarily cause pain but you may notice that you dribble a little urine now and then or you have to urinate at night, interrupting your sleep,  or your urine flow may not be its usual full stream.  It can also cause pain where you least want it as my then teenage son demonstrated by coming into my office doubled over saying “Ooh, ooh, ooh,” and pointing to the offending area.

Saw Palmetto Berry is both a preventative and an aid for prostate enlargement.  Taken regularly throughout your life, you might avoid some of the more unpleasant effects.  Hormonal changes seem to play a role in this condition, and older men, especially, will be more plagued by this condition.  As you age you may want a specific formula for prostate health.  These formulas are vitamins, minerals, herbs including saw palmetto berry and other healthful ingredients.

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