Rash – Skin Eruptions

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oatmeal soapRASH:  A rash is a skin eruption and can be called by several different names:  acne, boils, contact dermatitis, and heat rash.  They all have one thing in common; something inside is pushing its way out–through your skin.

Boils: Boils are a result of a staph infection on the skin invading a hair follicle.  I would wash the skin with Silver Soap to kill staph germs.  I would also cleanse internally with Burdock Root, a great blood purifier.  If you get boils frequently, you may need to boost your immune system.  After all, we all walk around with staph bacteria on our skin, but we don’t all walk around with boils.  So your immune system may not be doing its job.  Astragalus is a great immune booster.

Contact dermatitis:  This great term doesn’t mean anything.  Well, it has meaning but it doesn’t tell you anything about your condition.  It means you’ve touched something (contact) and your skin is inflamed and irritated (dermatitis).  We still don’t know what you touched.   You’ll have to be your own skin detective.  In the meantime, a blood cleanser always helps and that is Burdock Root.  You may want to wash with a soothing soap.  Grandpa’s soaps offer a variety of soaps. 

Heat Rash:  A heat rash occurs because you’ve gotten hot and are sweating.  Water pushes through your pores to produce sweat.    When your body can’t cleanse of toxins they remain in your blood stream, circulating, waiting to get out.  Toxins, which are bigger and heavier can’t push through except around your joints where your skin and flesh are thinner (thinner so  they can be flexible).  This heat rash is some of those toxins pushing out and usually forming tiny blisters.  I would follow the recommendations for contact dermatitis above.

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