Red Raspberry Leaf & Berry

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raspberryRed Raspberry Leaf is a young woman’s best friend, helping not only with painful menstruation, but also with pregnancy and childbirth. It is a female tonic that tones tissues and muscles to prepare for childbirth. It may also relieve nausea, help to check hemorrhage, increase milk production and balance glandular activity. If you decide to make your own red raspberry concoction (tea), be sure to dry the leaves thoroughly before brewing.  Drying eliminates some irritating components of the fresh leaf. The berry itself is delicious, not requiring any sugar, at all. It is a mucous cleanser and high in Vitamins A and C. These plants are easy to grow and will reward you with a lifetime of raspberries. They are tall and take up very little space, making them ideal to grow along a fence. I grow thornless raspberries making them even easier to grow

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