Rheumatoid Arthritis

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mineral makeupRHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:  This is an autoimmune disease that affects every part of your body and especially your joints which are attacked and can even be deformed by this ailment.  The onset is pain and swelling in the joints and it progresses from there.   Is there anything you can do?

Most emphatically yes!  Your body is overloaded with toxins from years of not cleansing and from the very medication you are on for rheumatoid arthritis.  These medications are very strong chemicals and accumulate in your body.  You must start cleansing your body and at the same time, stop doing the things that are causing toxic buildup.  A good cleanse is the Body Cleanse.

Accept the fact that what you’ve done up to now is what make your body toxic; you will have to change a lot of things in your life.  Accept the fact that you use too many chemicals and you need to not only cleanse your body of chemicals, but also stop putting them into your body.  You don’t use chemicals?  Actually, your life is probably full of them.

Food:  We consume large numbers of chemicals in our food.  Our food today is grown, harvested and processed with chemicals.  Those chemicals don’t magically disappear from the food, they’re still there.  Let me give you an example of a “fresh” food such as a baked potato.  The potato plant is fed chemicals for growth and weight (not for nutrition); it’s protected from potato beetles by poison insecticide; the foliage is killed by a chemical similar to agent orange; then the potato is harvested, dried, packaged in material that contains a poison to repel potato bugs, and shipped to your grocery store.  All the scrubbing in the world is not going to get the chemicals out of the potato; it’s been absorbed by the plant and into potato.

Make your food as pure as possible.  To get food grown without chemicals, buy organic.  Plant a garden and don’t use Miracle Grow (that’s a chemical fertilizer), use old fashioned compost or composted manure.  Prepare as much of your food from scratch as possible.  This will enable you to substitute organic ingredients as you are able to find them.  Follow the food guidelines in the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type.”  This is based on your blood type and is the best guideline for what foods are actually good for you.  If you eat the “avoid” foods listed in this book for your blood type, your body reacts to them as if they are poison.  More toxins.

Environment:  You can eliminate chemicals from your environment, too.  Do not use household cleaners.  Clean with white vinegar, water, baking soda, castile soap, and other simple cleaners.  Use no insecticides inside or outside your house.  Clean your carpet with soap (castile soap) and water, not chemical cleaners.  Better yet, don’t have any carpet at all.  Your carpet is made from synthetic materials that actually do break down both from wear and tear and age and give off toxic fumes.  Eliminate the use of deodorant, hair sprays, hair dyes, make-up.  These are extremely harsh chemicals and if you use them on your body, you absorb them.  You can find natural alternatives for all of these products at your local health food store or check the links below.

Body:  Your body rids itself of toxins through skin (sweating), exhalation (breathing), and in the elimination process of bowel and kidney.  If you are not having a bowel movement at least daily Cascara Sagrada caps can help until you get your diet right.  When you have a correct diet, you have no elimination problems.

Above all, I know you are in pain.  When you’ve accomplished all your goals above, the pain will go away.  In the meantime use gentle,  natural pain killers such as White Willow Bark (capsule).

I know this seems like a mountain of things impossible to do but take that first step.  The next step is easier.

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