Sarsaparilla Root

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sarsaparillaIf you’ve ever watched old western movies (really old – in black and white), you may see a grizzled cowboy enter the saloon, go to the bar and ask for sarsaparilla. He knew what was good for him especially after being in the saddle for the past three weeks. Sarsaparilla can best be described as a blood purifier and thus is good for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis; it helps gout, arthritis and rheumatism, too. It is a toner for the male and female hormone system, and a gentle liver cleanser with antifungal properties.  Sarsaparilla is a natural source of plant steroids and is a soothing cortisone substitute. Sarsaparilla has the unique ability to bind bacterial toxins in the digestive track and prevent them from entering the bloodstream. This would make sarsaparilla a good remedy for the side effects from mosquito and tick bites.  Sarsaparilla is a small vine native to Central and South America.  The root has been used herbally for hundreds of years.

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