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sleepInsomnia or sleeplessness, especially if chronic, can be a baffling problem to solve because the causes can be so varied.  There is no “one size fits all” here so be prepared to try different things to help overcome this problem.  Let’s start with the basics.  A “normal” sleep cycle says when it gets dark, we get sleepy.  Our bodies cooperate here, too.  We release a hormone called melatonin which is triggered by the dark.  This starts the sleepy feeling.  If your melatonin is low or if you need to sleep during the daylight cycle,  this supplement may help you.    Click here for more information on melatonin.

Stress is another sleep robber.  There are many products that help relieve stress but my favorite is Siberian Ginseng.  I was once in a grieving situation that left me without appetite and sleepless.  When I finally regained enough sense to take Siberian Ginseng, it’s effect was immediate.  All the tension left my body and brain and I had to lay down…for a little 12 hour nap.  I then took Siberian Ginseng on a regular basis to help me through the grieving process.  Click here for more information on Siberian Ginseng.

Depression can also rob you of your sleep and a good aid for depression and sleep is Valerian Root Click here for more information on Valerian Root.

Scientists study cats to see how they have mastered sleep. So far, the cats aren’t talking. Our customers in the store gave good reports of a homeopathic remedy, Moon Drops, in helping them sleep. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.

Homeopathic Moon Drops, 30 Count
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