Slippery Elm Bark

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slippery elmSlippery Elm Bark has a long history of soothing and relieving the irritation of inflammation and lesions in soft tissue organs and the digestive system. It absorbs liquid and forms a mucilage (a soothing, slippery coating) which helps to relieve the pain, and help the body heal the lesion or inflammation. It has a soothing effect on stomach ulcers, an irritated colon (Crohn’s disease), kidney or bladder inflammation, emphysema,  and for a sore throat. The slippery elm is a native American tree, growing wild (and cultivated) over most of the eastern half of the United States.  It can grow to 65′ with a relatively slim trunk of 20″.  It is not the same as the American elm which was almost wiped out by the Dutch Elm disease.  A little known fact: The yoke of the Liberty Bell was made from Slippery Elm.

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