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sandalSPRAIN:  A sprain injures soft tissue and this type injury needs your tender loving care; it seems like soft tissue takes longer to heal than a broken bone.  I’m not as concerned about swelling as most medical books advise.  It seems that swelling in this case is your body’s way of providing a “bandage” for the injured joint and tissue.  A soft wrapping, such as an elastic bandage, will also provide support.

Improving your circulation speeds healing so using Cayenne Capsules or  Ginger Capsules will help pick up your circulation.  Lymph nodes can get “plugged” up near the site of the sprain so taking Devils Claw Tuber Capsules will help to keep these nodes open which will naturally reduce both inflammation and swelling.

Here are some old fashioned topical aids you can apply to your sprain to help with pain and to speed recovery.  Arnica Gel has long been a trusted remedy for sprains.

If you want to soak the sprain do you use hot or cold?  I go by what my body tells me.  Sometimes cold feels better, sometimes hot.  Yes, I have had severe sprains and used all these methods.  I’ve also done some dumb things… I’ve gone dancing with a healing sprained ankle; won’t do that again.  I’ve worn high heels with an ankle sprain; won’t do that again.  I’ve not rested the sprained ankle; won’t do that again.  This was all before ugly flat shoes or sandals became fashionable.  Nowadays, if I had a sprain I would wear my velcro sandals, the kind with 2 adjustable velcro straps so I could ease the amount of tension on the swelling throughout the day.

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