Stomach Rescue (for food poisoning)

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Many doctors, naturopaths, and other natural healers think there is no such thing as a stomach virus.  I agree.  One reason is that we have a very finite food source and it is quite possible that the person who ate out and got sick (as in vomiting), the person who cooked hamburgers on the grill and got sick (as in stomach cramps), and the person who ate a sandwich from a street vendor and got sick (diarrhea) probably ate meat from a common meat supplier.  There are few effective home remedies for food poisoning but here’s one that works. Stomach Rescue is the remedy for food poisoning.  Most people suffer through food poisoning or are so sick they have to go the the hospital.  If you’re suffering through it, you need stomach rescue in your home health cabinet.  It is a blend of colloidal silver and peppermint oil and not only kills offending bacteria but also soothes the nausea and cramps and works within 15 or 20 minutes.   If you eat, you are going to get food poisoning.  Be prepared.  Don’t wait to get sick to get this product; have it in your first aid kit.

Mickey Thienes

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