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peppermint teaTendons are at the ends of each muscle and are what connects the muscle to bone.  Tendonitis is inflammation of these tendons and usually occurs as a result of severe strain.  Rotator cuff injury in the shoulder and Achilles tendon in the ankle are two examples of tendonitis.  If strain is the most common cause of tendonitis, then not straining is part of the healing process.  The next step is to control the inflammation.  Devil’s Claw Tuber has good anti-inflammatory properties.  Warmth applied to the inflamed area can ease the pain as can your favorite sports rub with menthol.  If you don’t have a favorite sports rub, take two peppermint tea bags and soak them in hot water until soft and pliable and you can smell the peppermint.  Squeeze out excess water and apply so the inflamed area.  Peppermint (menthol) has great pain relieving properties.  If its in a location where you can apply a patch, the pain patch, offers both menthol and camphor, two very warming pain relievers.

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