Tiger Balm Pain Patch & Ointment

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tiger balmTiger Balm makes a Pain Patch that contain essential oils of menthol (peppermint) and camphor, two very potent pain relievers.  The package contains 5 patches and the patches have a warming effect which is very soothing for inflammation.  Apply for muscle pain, back ache, bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, sprains, tendinitis and even dislocations.  Years ago I dislocated my shoulder and these patches provided some much needed relief while I waited for my body to put the dislocation back in.  I know that sounds strange to wait for your body to do the work, but the people whom I’ve known who have had a dislocation mechanically put back in right away, have had future dislocations to the same joints.  The muscles and tendons just aren’t ready to hold the joint, yet.  I also don’t want to mislead you; it was very painful.

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