Tired Feet

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tired feet Tired Feet doesn’t sound like a serious condition but it is annoying, uncomfortable, and may lead to serious conditions later in life.  Here’s the scenario.  You have a job that keeps you on your feet in one position, such as at a cash register in a store.  When you do have a break, you probably want to go sit down.  When you get home, same thing.  The end result is your feet don’t get enough exercise.  Exercise your feet?  Why?  Well, your feet are your lowest point of circulation.  If your standing on them for hours (not walking, standing), the circulation gets even slower.  Toxins build up even more and stay in your feet, oxygen isn’t circulated, a little numbness sets in, maybe a toe.  Later on, the numbness gets a little worse and there’s now some nerve pain.  The pain gets worse, too and your feet feel like they’re on fire.  You now have neuropathy–constant nerve pain.  Diabetics understand this condition because their poor circulation leads to neuropathy rather quickly.  This same scenario applies if you sit at a desk all day without moving a lot.

So let’s not go there.  Here are some things you can do.  Tight shoes decrease circulation even more; wear roomy (preferably flat) shoes that you can loosen as the day wears on.  When you can, support yourself with both hands on the counter and stand on the balls of your feet (as high as you can go) and hold that position for 15 seconds before standing flat again.  Repeat 2 or 3 times.  This helps pump blood to your feet.  If you can, take a short walk on your break; brisk is best.  When you get home, let the dog take you for a walk.  On the weekend, soak your feet in saltwater, as hot as you can stand for 20 minutes.  This is also a great foot exfoliant as you can rub all the dead skin off in the water.   This is a good time to give yourself a pedicure,too, as your toe nails will be soft and easier to cut.  Use table salt, Epsom salt, or salt blends.  This soak also helps to remove toxins from the bottom of your feet.  You don’t need anything fancy, just a plastic dishpan.  Put your rolling pin on the floor and roll your bare or stocking feet back and forth on it, or use our special foot massage roller.  This helps the circulation.  Remember, think of tired feet as a symptom that you can fix.

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