Tissue Salts – Cell Salts

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Homeopathic cell salts are the 12 mineral combinations found in healthy blood and tissues.  Dr. Schuessler developed his theory based on nature’s principle of healing.  When you lack a certain combination of mineral salts, you can have ailments relating to that lack.  Likewise, you can provide the salt and create wellness.  They have been used successfully for years in Europe and are still popular.  The tablets are tiny, mixed with lactose (milk sugar), and dissolve instantly in the mouth making them easy for even children to take.  They are for colds, muscle pain, headaches, and a multitude more things that you would normally try to fix yourself.   These homeopathic preparations are safe and without side effects and should be considered for anyone’s first aid kit.  Here’s a list of the salts.  Click on the link and it will tell you how each salt is used.

Calc Fluor    Calc Phos    Calc Sulph    Ferr Phos    Kali Mur    Kali Phos    Kali Sulph    Mag Phos    Nat Mur       Nat Phos    Nat Sulph    Silica

Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 tissue salts.

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