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sauerkraut juice An ulcer is an open sore that can appear anywhere on your body.  It’s a sore that doesn’t heal.  Ulcers in the mouth (canker sores) may be from a fungal overgrowth.  If this is the case, we’ve found that opening a capsule of a probiotic and applying it directly to the sores in the mouth is a quick way to heal them.  Of course, take the probiotic, too as this will help to regain the balance your body normally maintains against fungal overgrowth.

If you have stomach ulcers, an old fashioned remedy is Sauerkraut Juice.    This is most effective against the common bacteria associated with ulcers.  We’ve noticed that many of our customers who complain about acid reflux also had a stomach ulcer much earlier in their life.  Could this be the same bacteria that has mutated and stayed around a long time to come back as acid reflux?  Well, we’ve found sauerkraut juice also stops acid reflux.  If you have a stomach ulcer, you may want to make sauerkraut juice a permanent part of your diet in the hopes that acid reflux doesn’t pop up in the future. You can make your own kraut.

If you have an extremely painful ulcer, you may find that Activated Charcoal helps to alleviate the pain.  This natural remedy helps by “sopping up” toxins, acid, gas, whatever and passing it safely out your body.  It’s not a cure for ulcers but will help with the more painful symptoms.

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