Uncheese Cookbook

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uncheese cookbookI had to quit using dairy products (milk, not egg) and felt lost without them.  Lasagna without cottage cheese and mozzarella?  Pumpkin pie without canned milk?  Cottage cheese and pears without cottage cheese?  Dairy was embedded in my cooking.  Then I found a book called the “Uncheese Cookbook” with recipes for making any kind of cheese imaginable from non dairy ingredients, including tofu and nutritional yeast.  That got me launched.  If you’re not familiar with Nutritional Yeast (not the same as Brewer’s yeast),  you can read about it here.  Another ingredient used in the cookbook that you may not be familiar with is agar agar, a gel producing ingredient derived from seaweed.  Agar agar is suitable for vegetarians and sets at room temperature. 

“Artisan Vegan Cheese” is another good book on making your own cheese substitutes.

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