Valerian Root

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valerianCAUTION: Use this herb moderately as excess use may cause morning grogginess. Valerian Root was part of the official pharmacopeia and as such, was grown by pharmacists and prescribed by doctors. This was all a long time ago when pharmacies consisted of a small building and a large garden, where plants were grown to be processed into prescriptions. Valerian root rightly belongs in our history as it has strong sedative properties making it useful as a sleep aid in cases of anxiety, insomnia or depression. Valerian Root also has pain relieving properties, thus it is useful to combat sleeplessness caused by pain such as from arthritis. Chronic pain is stressful to people and valerian is a good herb for stress and pain. You will learn to recognize this herb by its distinctive odor – it stinks. However, if you grow it in your garden, you will be enjoying the beautiful flower, heliotrope. By-the-way, the prescription drug Valium is a chemical copy of valerian root.

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